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Ubtan: Is It All That Good?

Ubtan Skincare

Nidhi Gupta |

In this day and age of instant delivery and live streaming, filters that blur the lines of reality and AI exploring the unalive; some things are best kept traditional. According to Ayurveda, Ubtan is an herbal pack and has been used as a cleanser since traditional times. It was the first natural cosmetic product that was prepared using different ingredients, and every ingredient had its skin benefits. 

The ingredients used in the recipe of Ubtan have anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for your skin. Here are the ingredients of Ubtan and their significance:

  • Turmeric: 
  • Known as Haldi, it is the most commonly used spice in every Indian household. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric reduce wrinkles and acne, providing a glow to your skin. 

  • Rose Water:
  • Since ancient times, Ayurveda has understood the medicinal and cosmetic properties of rose water. Today, rose water is an active ingredient in enhancing the glow of your skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it reduces redness and skin irritation. It is also beneficial in reducing acne and wrinkles. It slows down the process of aging of the skin and leaves your skin youthful. 

  • Sandalwood: 
  • Popularly known as 'Chandan,' sandalwood holds its significance in spiritual and therapeutic usages. However, it has been a part of the cosmetic industry too. The natural properties of sandalwood provide nourishment and give flawless skin. 

  • Saffron: 
  • It is a valuable product in the cosmetic industry. It is beneficial for common skin issues such as acne and inflammation. Moreover, it protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

    This blog will explore the benefits of incorporating Ubtan into your skincare regime. 

    Significance of Ubtan Since Traditional Times

    The use of Ubtan in cosmetics can be dated back to ancient times. Ayurveda recommended that the pack should be a mixture of medicinal herbs and essential oil with the goodness of ground legumes. It was recommended to apply the pack according to an individual’s doshas or to balance their doshas. 

    Discover the Benefits of Ubtan 

    Ubtan has been used for years to remove dead cells and exfoliate your skin. There are several reasons to incorporate Ubtan into your skincare regime. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using Ubtan: 

  • Reduce Wrinkles and Other Signs of Ageing 
  • Sandalwood, an active part of Ubtan, is known for its anti-aging properties. It reduces the effects of aging and prevents wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. The natural properties of sandalwood promote the production of collagen, which improves skin elasticity. 

  • Gives Glowing and Flawless Skin 
  • Turmeric, an active ingredient of Ubtan, is known for its brightening properties. The combination of rose water and turmeric minimizes dark spots, blemishes, and other imperfections of your skin, enhancing the glow of your skin. Moreover, they also protect you from UV rays, thus giving you flawless skin. 

  • Removes Acne and Pimples 
  • Acne and pimples are common skin-related issues. We all know how difficult it is to eliminate the acne spots caused by UV rays. However, the preparation of Ubtan helps you to combat serious skin-related issues such as acne and pimples. 

    The anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and saffron reduce the occurrence of acne on your skin and give a better glow. 

  • A Natural Exfoliant for Your Skin 
  • Ubtan has been used as a natural exfoliant for years. It removes dead cells from your skin to give them a better glow. Furthermore, it removes the dullness of your skin. 

  • Tightens Your Skin Pores 
  • The combination of turmeric, saffron, and sandalwood acts as a natural astringent for your skin, thus helping with enlarging pores. It also removes dirt and pollutants from your skin to give you toned skin. 

  • Provides Nourishment to Skin 
  • The ingredients of Ubtan are known for their moisturizing benefits. They also remove tan and fight against dead skin cells. It provides moisture to your skin, thus preventing dryness. The rosewater gives your face a fresh look with a natural scent. The herbal components of Ubtan provide nourishment to your skin, keeping them youthful, thus promoting overall skin health. 

  • Removes Facial Hair
  • Ubtan is beneficial for removing facial hairs on your face. Scrubbing Ubtan in a circular motion will help you to get rid of unwanted hair. 

    One of the greatest benefits of including Ubtan in your skincare regime is that it acts as an alternative to chemical-infused products. It is free from chemicals and harmful preservatives and ensures the overall health of your skin. Moreover, by incorporating Ubtan, you avoid the risks associated with cosmetic products and embrace a natural approach to your skincare. 

    How to Include Ubtan in Your Skincare? 

    It is easy to make Ubtan at home. However, if you don’t have time to prepare the pack, you can use Ubtan Face Scrub and Ubtan Face Mask. This way, you can easily include the goodness of Ubtan in your skincare regime. Moreover, you can follow a complete skincare routine with Ubtan products:

    Step 1: Clean your face with Ubtan Face wash. 

    Step 2: Exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells with Ubtan face scrub. 

    Step 3: Now, follow up with an Ubtan face mask to provide nourishment to your skin. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer. 

    Step 4: You can use Ubtan Body lotion to moisturize your hands and legs. 

    In a Nutshell 

    Panash Wellness offers the benefits of Ubtan in the form of scrubs, face masks, and body lotion. These are Best Ayurvedic Face Masks and offer a chemical-free approach to your skincare routine with a range of benefits. Embrace traditional skincare practice with Panash Wellness and enjoy the benefits of the natural ingredients of Ubtan. Go to the official website of Panash Wellness to learn more!