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All You Need To Know About Ubtan & It’s Key Ingredients

All You Need To Know About Ubtan & It’s Key Ingredients

Nidhi Gupta |

According to Ayurveda, ubtans were traditionally prepared using coarsely ground legume as the base & few oils to prepare a skin-care regime for clear & glowing skin. Ubtans are known as the first natural cosmetic products which were prepared using different natural powders with each & every ingredient having its own skin benefits. Ubtan has been used since ages as a natural exfoliant to remove dead skin cells & as a cleanser for beautiful & glowing skin. This blog gives will give you an insight about the key ingredients of ubtan and their benefits to the skin.

Turmeric:  It is nearly 4000 years old ingredient as per Vedic culture of India & has been used as a culinary spice & even has religious significance. Turmeric is one of the most common & easily available ingredient in each & every Indian house hold known as ‘Haldi’. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants & anti-inflammatory components hat helps in providing glow & luster to the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric reduces acne & scars. With regular usage, it revives the skin & brings out it’s natural glow.

Saffron: It is a vibrant red spice that comes from a plant called saffron crocus, originated in Greece. Saffron is known as a valuable & important ingredient in the cosmetics industry. It is known to relieve common skin issues like inflammation and acne. It gives a healthy peachy glow to the skin & reduces pigmentation. It is also known to protect the skin from harmful UV radiations.

Sandalwood: It has been used for over 100 years due to its spiritual & therapeutic use. Over the years, it has also been used as one of the key ingredients in the cosmetic industry as well. The natural properties infused in sandalwood nourishes the skin & improves the elasticity of the skin cells. It is also beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars.

Rose Water: Roses have been cultivated for almost 5000 year now. Since ancient times, humans understood that rose water contains medicinal and cosmetic properties & it has been an important ingredient in many of our beauty routines since then. Today, rose water is one of the traditional staple in many people’s beauty and skin health regimens. Rose water is known to reduce skin irritation & redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains anti-bacterial properties that may be useful in reducing acne. The antioxidants in rose water are known to reduce the presence of free radicals in the skin & may slow down the aging process. Rose water has also been used as astringents that dries up the excess oils from the skin & tightens the pores giving it smoother & youthful appearance.

Regular use of Ubtan gives gentle exfoliation to the skin making it feel fresh and radiant. It also prevents acne & breakouts making skin appear clearer. It is a must have in your beauty regime if you are looking out for the glowing & youthful skin in the most natural way.